'- WHAT IS IT': The Palo Santo, also called "Holy Wood", has been a tree considered sacred for millennia. In the rituals of South American shamans it was the means to bring positive energies, a mystical tool to communicate with the deis and medicinal with a thousand healing properties. Today it is considered a natural incense with powerful beneficial properties: its scent relaxes, generates positive vibrations and brings back good mood.

- POPULAR SUYO: In the Suyo area (Peru) summers are short, very hot and arid. Winters are short, warm and dry and are partly cloudy throughout the year. This generates a slightly different quality due to the climate, with a sweeter scent due to the greater amount of resin present. Again the cut is raw and artisanal. Recommended for those approaching Palo Santo for the first time or for those who prefer a softer aroma.

- USE: turn on the stake at one end with a lighter, and then turn it off immediately: the flame must last a few seconds in order not to burn the resin. From the embers will rise a thread of smoke that will spread into the environment. To feed the combustion we can gently blow on the embers reviving it as if we were giving energy to the sacred fire. When the embers go out, we can turn it on again. DO NOT leave the flame lit under the leg for more than a few seconds!

- GUARANTEES: We were the first importers in Italy of the Palo Santo. We know its stories and secrets. Every year we go to local communities to check product quality and working conditions. The tree is NEVER treated with pesticides but for heat treatment. Our Palo Santo guaranteed as pure by the analysis of fumes made in Italian laboratories.

- ENVIRONMENT: The Palo Santo brand guarantees the controlled production of Palo Santo wood in full respect of the habitat of the plant and the environment: the wood is not cut from live trees but harvested by hand from the ground after the plant has completed its natural process of life and after ripening on the ground for at least 4 years during which the essential oil and its aromatic scent stabilize; each of our products is guaranteed by fume analysis and botanical origin

Warning: Breathing poor quality incense can be harmful. Our wood is never treated with chemicals, either live or in the process, to make sure that the smoke generated is 100% natural. Our line of Palo Santo is guaranteed by the analysis of fumes made in Italian laboratories.

To produce the Palo Santo no live trees are cut: to obtain the aromatic wood are collected only the dry parts that fall naturally, remaining on the ground from 4 to 10 years. The tree Palo Santo is protected in both Peru and Ecuador and afforestation campaigns are planned. The collection is controlled by local communities, which we visit regularly to ensure respect for the environment and working conditions.
Palo Santo

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