Henna's Dye powder is made from the dried leaves of Lawsonia Inermis, a plant of the fabaceae family, used for millennia for ritual, decorative and tissue dyeing purposes. Its red dye power is due to the presence of glicosides that release a yellowish pigment, reddish to the air, and that if present in different percentages can give different shades to henna-based colors. This molecule is the Lawsone that binds to keratin, the hair protein: henna, therefore, does not penetrate the hair like chemicals, but binds to its scales, in this way, not only protects the hair, but volumizes it by increasing the diameter of the joint. The crown is more voluminous, bright and protected from external agents. Henna is also a powerful sebum-normalizing and dandruff-proof.

In addition to its well-known dyeing properties, it has a seboregolating action and is used for its ability to make the hair thicker and shiny. The Indigo has dark action on the hair, with a range of brown shades, up to the actual black with blue shades, and also ensures the coverage of white or gray hair.

- Copper red on light brown hair
- Deep red/chestnut on medium brown hair
- Copper reflections on dark/black brown hair
- Irish red on blonde hair

In the East and Mediterranean Africa, Henna is used to make well-wishing and protective temporary tattoos (Mehndi) on her hands and feet. Mehndi's design rite involves women from all over the family and/or tribe and can be performed on special occasions such as weddings: in India the bridal Mehndi includes the initials of the newlyweds and often their portrait.

Mix henna powder, depending on the volume of the hair, with warm water. Add half a glass of vinegar or lemon. Leave the container well covered for about 12 hours (in Summer about 6 hours). Apply to dry and perfectly clean hair. The pasta can also be prepared only with boiling water and applied immediately. Laying: 1/3 hours. Rinse thoroughly, there is no need to make shampoo. Apply a conditioner nut if the hair is dry.

Lawsonia inermis leaf powder
Lawsone: Powder tested, Lawsone content <1.40%

PLEASE NOTE: In this product there is no Sodium Picramato, added in many henna to obtain reinforced reds. Sodium Picramato is an allergenic substance, registered in the ministerial register of substances dangerous and harmful to the organism and the environment.

For people with favism: consult the advice of a doctor before use.


recyclable plastic inner sachet, paper outer bag and biodegradable plastic

Vegan ok

heavy metal head (Nickel, Chromium, Cadmium, Lead, Cobalt, Antimony, Arsenic, Mercury) - Downed bacterial load


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