naturaethna arises from the need to restore the balance between man and the Earth. The search for slowness and simplicity is established not only in daily habits, but also in work processes. From the weighted use of resources and means of transport, to the conscious choice of production methodologies, to the control of consumption: this is how our idea of life comes to light.

We carefully choose suppliers on the basis of an obvious and convincing environmental ethics dictated by the genuineness and eco-sustainability of their productions.

WE CULTIVATE our lands like the farmers of the past, with love, passion and respect, not having as our sole purpose profit.

WE PERSONALLY DISTRIBUTE in the homes of each of our customers the result of our work, establishing a human relationship based on the comparison and exchange of sincere opinions to obtain immediate feedback.

WE BELIEVE that the low production of waste, the use of ecological detergents, the cultivation in a natural way, the limited exploitation of the earth's resources, respect for the environment offer a minimum impact to the ecosystem, guaranteeing a serene and safe future for the planet.

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