The solidarity wipe that eliminates waste and thanks to the delicacy of bamboo fiber is also suitable for sensitive and delicate skin such as those of children.

They are designed to replace disposable cotton disks and are used in the same way, the only difference being that they should not be thrown away after use, but just wash and reuse them!

They can be used with any type of make-up remover, for make-up difficult to remove we recommend moistening them, gently dab the eyelids and then proceed as usual with the make-up remover.

They wash at 30-40 ° in the washing machine or by hand and if the makeup is not too stubborn you can also rinse them immediately after use and let them dry for one night! Nothing could be simpler!

They are part of an important project of solidarity! Made in the tailoring workshop of the Oikos Social Cooperative, they represent a job opportunity for the women of the Vigevano women's prison.

10 x 15 cm
La Saponaria

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